Phuphaphueng Resort is located away from Suanphueng 4 km. and have many nearby tourist attraction both of conserve and nature. Suitable for relax in the weekend.

1. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

90 minutes from Phuphapueng Resort

From the past, there is a floating market that becomes one of the most famous attractions, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. Every morning, boat vendors will cramp in Khlong Damnoen Saduak to sell product from their plantations that varies from fruits to vegetables. Now the product is more varieties as there are many visitors visit here everyday.

For more information, please contacts: 032-241-023, 032-346-161

2. Wax Museum

75 minutes from Phuphapueng Resort

The wax museum is located on Petchkaseam road in Bang Pae district.

For more information: 032-381-401-3
Open everyday 08.30 - 17.00 น.
Entrance fees: 50 B / Foreigner : 200 B

3. Khao Bin Cave

30 mins from Phuphapueng Resort

It is located along highway 3087 (Ratchaburi - JhomBueng - Suan Pueng). The cave was named after stalagmite that looks like an eagle. There are also mineral ponds that the locals believed its to be a holy water ponds

4. Chompol Cave

30 minutes from Phuphapueng Resort

The cave is located eleven kilometre from the Khao Bin Cave which oversee the Rukkhachart garden. Beside the breathtaking stalagmite alongs the Chompol cave, the cave also have a reclinning Buddha that locals have a yearly celebration.

5. Phong-Yub

20 minutes from Phuphapueng Resort

It located in Bahn Thuey which is 5 kilometres from Suan Pueng district. From the intersection, there is a left lane that takes you to Phong-Yub. This area is a phenomenal natural wonders that caused by the subsided of the ground.

6. Khao Chan waterfall (Khao Jone waterfall)

20 minutes from Phuphapueng Resort

Khao Chan waterfall is located in Pha Poak. It is about one kilometres from Bor Klung hot spring. This waterfall has nine segmented where there are lot of water on the top of the segmented. You can hike up to the top segmented which is about 2 kilometres and take about 2-3 hours by foot.

7. Bo Khlueng Hot Stream

20 minutes from Phuphapueng Resort

Bo Khlueng is a natural hot stream whose water source is from the Tanao Si Mountain and is full of mineral water believed can be used for skin treatments. The water which flow all year round has temperature between 50 - 68 degrees Celsius. On the route to the hot stream, there is another attraction Kao Chon Waterfall. It has very beautiful waterfall cascades consist of 9 tiers that will be plentiful during the late rainy season. There are also stream bathing facilities provide bathroom and hot stream pool where visitors can dip into the hot mineral water.

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday : 08:00 - 17:00
Saturday - Sunday : 08:00 - 18:00
For more information, please call 032-711-086

8. Bor Whee Farm

30 minutes from Phuphapueng Resort

Bor Whee Farm away from BKK about 175 km. Located in Suanphueng Ratchaburi. Bor Whee Farm have an area 219 acre now, have an officers from Taskforce Infantry Regiment 29 to safety peace in the area. This farm was established by the works of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit that devised for Bor Whee Farm is a farm of food supply and culinary treasures that nourish Thai peoples. In addition to Agro-Tourism still encourage people to recognize animals and crops and farming other. Along with hiring a local labor to work on farms. For make the villagers have jobs and moneys and the knowledge that has been passed and agriculture to practice of real farm practices to use in their career.

The activities in farm have a growing vegetables safe from the toxic, mushroom, fish, farming ponds. Cultured Bantam varieties, aquaculture breeding ducks Yi Liang. Jinhua pigs, dairy goat breeds of China, Lao San. Moreover, farms are also being processed agricultural products such as bananas and Karen Peppers plaster by the increase of the farm and it also be sold to the public in another part of town to be released the people in the neighborhood as well.

9. Sirikit Park (Kang Som Maew)

30 minutes from Phuphapueng Resort

Established in honor of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit on the occasion 5 rounds of The Queen. This is the center of very valuable vegetation. Economic and natural resources, excellent education, also have Phachi river flow. The large rocks The rapids known as the Kang Som Maew.

10. Huay Cork Mhoo Viewpoit

30 minutes from Phuphapueng Resort

800 meters above sea level, is the original commercial timber concessions and trade between Thailand - Burma today trade between Thailand - Burma was canceled several years ago.

This route, which is adjacent to the border with Thailand - Burma has been an improvement .Tourist routes , scenic mountains and border Thailand - Burma. The terrain can be seen the borders of Myanmar, beautifully Overlooking the trees Abundant rainforest including many birds . If you travel during the winter are covered with fog .Beautiful as the northern And Kork Mhoo Viewpoint can also see the sunrise and sunset

11. The top of Kao Kra Jome seeing mist

60 minutes from Phuphapueng Resort

Located in moo 3 Baan Pha Phok, Suanphueng away from Suanphueng about 40 km. and away from Ratchaburi about 100 km.

This is one of interest place which is the highest peak in Tenasserim. Kao Kra Jome is a viewpoint, overlooking both Thailand and Burma There are many International vegetations. Have a cool air close to the lakes waterfalls, cliffs , which have safe to travel here. Because the work of the Border Patrol Police 137 to work regularly. Suitable for nature lovers.

12. Pha Chon Dan Waterfall

60 minutes from Phuphapueng Resort.

This waterfall is located in Huay Mouang in Tanao Sri district. Pha Chon Dan waterfall have a beautiful and natural scenery that suitable for the hikers.